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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about the programs that we offer:

How can you help me start my drug testing/clinical lab business?

I have three options to help you launch your business: 1. Consulting - I will complete the entire process for you! All you would need to do is complete an intake form so I can get your personal information and the information needed to start your business. To book this service choose Done With You Launch 2. Coaching - This is a group coaching opportunity where we meet twice a month in a group to help you follow the plan provided for launching your business plan. During our meetings, I will answer specific questions and provide continued guidance. This is a 6 week program. Participants missing more than 2 meetings will be removed from the group so that we can all stay on track. 3. Training and Education - We understand that everyone does not have time to complete group coaching. Our digital classes walk you through the entire process from conceptualizing to opening the doors of your business. If you have questions while completing the classes you can book a 30 min call and I will be happy to answer them.

How long does it take for my business to be up and running with the consulting service?

Provided we receive the accurately completed intake form, contracts and payment within the 72 business hours allotted, your business will be ready to open within 45 - 60 days.

Will I be able to open a business by enrolling in the group coaching program?

Our group coaching program was designed to assist each entrepreneur with accountability and information. To begin the program, you will be given a guide on each step you have to take to open your business. During our bi-weekly meetings you will have an opportunity to ask questions and share your progress.At the end of the 6 weeks, you should be opening the doors to your business if each step in the process was completed in a timely fashion.

Do you offer one-on-one coaching?

Our one on one coaching is our Done with you Launch Program. For the duration of the service, I will have check in calls with you to let you know where I am in the process of opening your drug testing center and/or clinical lab.

How can I become DOT certified?

Register for class to obtain theory on Dept of Tranportation Drug & Alcohol policies. Successfully complete 5 "mock" scenarios under the review of a Qualified DOT Specment Collector Trainer in conjunction with a Professional Collector's Exam.

How do I become a part of your referral network?

To have your center or lab featured on our referral network site.

Once I open my business, what if I still need help?

We pride ourselves on a one and done business start up plan. If something arises in your business where you need additional guidance, please email us so we can book a call to assist you.

Once I start my business how do I get clients?

We provide a marketing service and training class that equips you with all the tools you need to work with third party vendors and attract customers to your business.

What makes your service different from any other Drug Testing or Clinical Lab Consulting agency?

Great question! Our programs have graduated many successful students. Each program is the perfect fit for every budding or seasoned entrepreneur depending on your budget. If you are a current business owner who is looking for a way to start another business and create additional income, our consulting service is a worry free way to get the job done. If you are confident in starting the business on your own, and you would just like a little guidance, our group training program is for you. If you are not sure if you want to start the business or you want to start it at your own pace, our online training classes are perfect for you!