Frequently Asked Questions

Where will we be lodging?

The Playa Largo Resort & Spa

How many days is the retreat?

The Key Largo Expedition is a total of 4 days, however, you may stay for however long you'd like.

What are my expenses?

Your expenses are dependent on the amount of people and days you will be attending. Please refer back to the Key Largo Expedition main page to find out more.

What will we do?

Please refer to the Agenda page: https://www.iamsheilamichelle.com/keylargo-agenda to find out more

Will you have a videographer/photographer?

Yes. You can book at https://EMPIRESTATEOFMIND.as.me/booknow

Will alcoholic beverages be served as part of the event?

No alcohol will be sold as part of the event. Any alcohol consumption is subject to Resort rules and State Laws.